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Product Description



Few weeks ago, I reviewed the Armaggeddon Kashnikov AK555i which is an absolutely amazing budget and stylish gaming keyboard. After that, I have shifted my attention to the more expensive and “Mechanical” Keyboard variant, Armaggeddon MKA 9C Psychraptor. I have got the one with “Red Switches” whereby there’s three to choose from when you purchase this mechanical gaming keyboard, Black, Red or Blue Switches.


The design language of this keyboard is pretty cool I would say. It looks definitely interesting and can appear as “eye-candy” to some. Since I prefer something which looks cheerful and lively, the design of MKA 9C Psychraptor is definitely in my favor. The switches are made by Kailh, one of the best switch specialist available out there. The top panel is covered by aluminium panel which makes the design to be much premium while adding the weight a little, not to forget the USB cable is nylon braided and 1.8 Meters in length. The keys are plastic and it feels smooth and nice to type. Last but not least, there’s a attached wrist rest which makes the keyboard looks bigger but it does serve its purpose. I find it to be handy as I tend to rest my palm on it frequently although I would prefer if its detachable whenever you feel its not needed.


In terms of features, you can set up to 6 different backlight colors effects. There are Wave, Ribbon, Ripple, Run Laps, Single and Pulsating modes. You can also customize up to 5 light setting. This means you can setup in such way where only certain set of keys will lights up based on the presets made available.  Last but not least, you can also do additional light effect settings such as which keys to light up and bind it up to 5 profiles. You can increase or decrease the light speed, change the light movement direction and increase or decrease the light brightness. These are pretty cool and handy to those who really love customizing the keys. The image below shows exactly on how to setup the features that I have mentioned.

Full Specification

  • Lighter mechanical keyboard with aluminium panel
  • 3-Segment 104 mechanical switches
  • Built-in LED with 7 colors backlight effects at all keys
  • 1.8 meters multi-flex cord wrapped with ultra-durable cable jack

Switch Specification

  • Switch Type – Mechanical Red
  • Type – Linear Switch
  • Tactile bump – No
  • Clicky – No
  • Actuation Force – 45g (Force Diagram)
  • Key Travel – 2mm to actuation, 4mm to bottom

There’s three type of Switches that I have mentioned which you can choose from before purchasing. The simple and direct point to take note will be:-

  • Brown Switches- Hybrid Keys which are tactile and silent
  • Blue Switches- Clicky Keys which are the best for tactile feel
  • Red Switches- Silent Keys which are fast and silent compared to the rest


The MKA 9C Psychraptor Mechanical Keyboard is definitely one of the best available gaming keyboard out there and it is still much more affordable compared to some other pricey keyboards out there. Do take note that this is not a RGB keyboard although it does have multi-color on each keys (lighter or darker shade of certain colors) which makes it not to be categorized into single colored as well. You can feel the keyboard to be extremely solid and stable when you type fast. It’s not necessarily a keyboard where only gamers can enjoy as there’s also multimedia shortcuts which includes audio controls, brightness controls and volume controls. Almost forgot to inform you guys, in order to reset the keyboard to default setting, simply hold FN + Pause Break button.