RGB backlight
7-level height adjustable
Quick cooling quiet and comfortable

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Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 2Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 3

Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 4

RGB backlight

Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 5

RGB background glowing design makes your laptop more dazzling and immerses you in the gaming atmosphere at all times.

Equipped with an extra-large fan for faster cooling.

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Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 9

Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 14

High efficiency cooling chip

The cooling pad is equipped with a super cooling chip, which can quickly cool down the laptop with little noise and fast!

Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 15

Rapid cooling

Fast heat dissipation, low noise, can effectively reduce the heat of the laptop, so that the computer use more smoothly, say goodbye to the game due to heat generated by the lag, so that the game process more smooth.

Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 16

RGB backlit

The cooling pad is designed with RGB background lighting that perfectly matches your laptop, highlighting the ambiance and putting you in a colorful world that provides an immersive experience.

Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 17

Height adjustable

Cooling pad can adjust the height according to their habits, there are seven levels of adjustable height, convenient and practical.

Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 18

9-17” compatibility

The cooling pad is compatible with laptops up to 17 inches and related tablet devices.

Gaming Cooling Pad CP4040 19

Super silent

The cooling pad features fast cooling and low noise. It allows you to play games without being disturbed.


Model: CP4040 Color: Black
Operable angle: 6.5-45 degree Dimension: 370*265*32mm
Power: 4W-5W Weight: 740±5g
Voltage and current: 5V-≤1000mA
Interface: USB*2
Compatibility: 9-17” laptops
Cable length: 60±2cm